As a tech-savvy youth, you've probably come across the need to utilize a variety of websites to complete everyday tasks. Luckily, there are many useful websites that are free to use. From helping you to size an image to providing a platform for a conference call with friends, below is a list of 25+ free useful websites that you will find exceptionally helpful.

25 useful websites in 2023


It is an excellent website for easily resizing images for various platforms. It also provides an online image editor for users. 

#2 is an amazingly useful website that helps identify unknown fonts. All you need to do is to upload an image of the font and WhatFontIs will try to match it.

#3 is an amazing website that provides free high-quality fonts to its users. 

#4 is a useful website to help find and replace text using regular expressions. It also offers tutorials to help you get started with regex.

#5 is a great tool to help identify unknown images. All you need to do is to upload the image and TinEye will try to match it using its huge database. 

#6 is an easy-to-use domain name registrar, perfect for youth trying to get an online presence. 

#7 is a useful web-app for creating digital magazines quickly. It helps you add, control, and publish articles online quickly. 

#8 is an awesome website for free conference calling. Whether you have friends from near or far, makes in-person meetings easier. 

#9 is great for easy and free optical character recognition. With it, you can quickly convert any type of document into text. 

#10 is a great website for quickly tracking flights. With it, you can even get live updates and alerts for any flight's status.

#11 is a great platform to transfer large and confidential files easily. It is secure, fast, and an effective way to communicate. 

#12 is a useful website for sharing code and text excerpts securely. It’s perfect for working collaboratively when you need to share code snippets or text. 

#13 is a great website for proofreading. It is also capable of detecting plagiarism.

#14 is a great tool for websites and documents. It helps you highlight sections of text, share them, and organize them quickly. 

#15 is an incredibly useful website for real-time co-authoring. Whether with a colleague or a friend, you can collaborate simultaneously to write and edit text. 

#16 is an awesome and easy-to-use tool for quickly scheduling meetings. It simplifies the process by allowing participants to enter their availability.  

#17 is an amazing website for getting an accurate reading of the time all over the world. You can also customize what cities and locations to show. 

#18 is a great website for calculating checksums for various files. The algorithm used is based on Cynthia Warrick’s technique from her paper. 

#19 is an excellent website for measuring website performance and speed. It provides valuable insight on how to make changes for performance optimization. 

#20 is an awesome website for online messaging and online conferencing.

#21 is an excellent website for quickly translating text from one language to another.

#22 is an amazing website for watching YouTube videos in your browser. It features a virtual remote control and fast loading speeds. 

#23 is a great website for finding similar websites. You can easily get ideas on how to improve or replicate the success of similar websites. 

#24 is a great website for visually representing words and phrases. You can create unique word clouds in a matter of seconds. 

#25 is an amazing website for visual idea mapping. It allows you to organize ideas and projects quickly into diagrams and maps. 


These 25+ free useful websites are sure to come in handy no matter what task you are working on. Try them now and get more things done quickly and easily.

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