Microsoft Edge ‘Phoenix’ Could Be Your New Best Friend – Ditch Chrome and See the Benefits

I’m one of the 2.65 billion people who use Google Chrome as their primary browser, but recently I’ve been taking the time to give Microsoft Edge its due – and rightly so! Its a solid browser that’s easy to work on – and now with the new codename “Phoenix” version, it’s been given a whole new lease of life which really warrants a second look. So why not give it a try? You never know, you might just find it’s a great fit for you too.

Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix' could make me ditch Google Chrome

The new UI of Edge has rounded tabs similar to native Windows 11 apps and a convenient “split view” feature that lets you view two web pages in one tab. Plus, Edge is now a system-wide password manager for all of Windows and the Tab Activity Center provides a friendly way to see your browser usage!

According to a recent tweet by WalkingCat and reported by Windows Central, Microsoft is working on Project Phoenix – a friendly, internal reimagining of its browser. As of summer 2022, the company has been building Phoenix in pieces, with some of its features accessible via feature flags in preview versions of Edge.

As a Windows user, I’m excited about the new features potentially coming to Microsoft Edge Phoenix. It’s the little things that matter, and these updates may not seem monumental, but they’re still pretty exciting! Here’s what I like about some of the new features – friendly.

Experience the Future of Windows with Microsoft Edge Phoenix – The Friendly, Aesthetically Pleasing Upgrade

Windows 11 has a more inviting, friendly look with features like rounded windows. The unified design gives it a polished feel that makes it worth upgrading from previous iterations. I’m glad I made the switch to Windows 11 and have never looked back.

The Microsoft Edge browser is based on Chromium, making it similar to Google Chrome. This makes it easier for Chrome users to transition to Edge, but can also make it feel disconnected from Windows. To help make Edge part of Windows 11, a friendly update to the UI with rounded tabs could go a long way.

Boost Your Productivity with Microsoft Edge Phoenix’s Friendly Split View

I absolutely love the Snap Assist feature in Windows 11! It’s a great way to quickly organize all of my open apps on the desktop into Layouts and Groups. It’s a friendly, updated version of the Windows 10 feature that allows you to easily snap windows into a pre-defined arrangement.

Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix' Could Be Your New Best Friend

Hovering your pointer over the minimize/maximize button in the top-right corner of any app window is a great way to easily rearrange your windows. A friendly pop-up window will appear, offering pictographs of different layout options – like splitting the screen 50/50 between two apps, 50/25/25 between three, or even two-thirds of the screen for one app and a third for a second. No need to know any complicated keyboard shortcuts!

With Phoenix’s handy split view feature, you can combine it with snap assist to get double the number of web pages on your screen! Friendly reminder: you can see what this looks like down below.

With my dual-screen setup, having so many web pages in sight could be a bit of a mess. But I’m friendly curious to see just how much more I can fit in!

Say Goodbye To Password Stress with Microsoft Edge Phoenix’s System-wide Password Manager – Friendly & Easy

Microsoft Edge offers a straightforward and user-friendly password manager that keeps all of your passwords secure and synced across all your devices with ease. It’s just as good as Google Chrome’s password manager, in my experience! So why not take advantage of this helpful tool and make sure you have a different password for each website? Friendly reminder: keep your passwords safe.

Utilizing Edge to manage Windows passwords would create a seamless Windows experience, as well as making it easier to organize all passwords in one place – friendly!


I’m excited to find out if Microsoft will deliver Edge Project Phoenix updates in parts or all at once. Regardless, I’m keen to see the changes they make as they could make me seriously consider Microsoft Edge as my main browser, or at least use it a lot more! Friendly as ever, I’m looking forward to it.

I have to give Microsoft credit for their efforts to make Edge a more competitive browser compared to Chrome. Even though it is still not quite there yet, it’s great to see them making the effort.

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