Microsoft Edge ‘Phoenix’ Could Be Your New Best Friend – Ditch Chrome and See the Benefits

I’m one of the 2.65 billion people who use Google Chrome as their primary browser, but recently I’ve been taking the time to give Microsoft Edge its due – and rightly so! Its a solid browser that’s easy to work on – and now with the new codename “Phoenix” version, it’s been given a whole … Read more

25+ FREE USEFUL WEBSITES in 2023 to Make Your Life Easier –

As a tech-savvy youth, you’ve probably come across the need to utilize a variety of websites to complete everyday tasks. Luckily, there are many useful websites that are free to use. From helping you to size an image to providing a platform for a conference call with friends, below is a list of 25+ free … Read more

Get SONICS Premium VPN Free for 1 Year [100% WORKING] –

Are you looking for a secure and reliable VPN service to keep your online activities private and safe? If so, then you need to try SONICS VPN, the top-rated and most trusted VPN provider in the market. With SONICS VPN, you can browse the internet without worrying about your security and privacy. SONICS VPN has … Read more

What is Black Friday ? It’s Importance and When it is occurring in 2022

The term “Black Friday” originated in Philadelphia. In the early 1960s, Philadelphia police griped about the congested streets, clogged with motorists and pedestrians heading to the Army-Navy football game and looking for deals post-Thanksgiving, calling it “Black Friday.” According to, Philly’s biggest department stores tried to steer away from the negative name and call … Read more