Malware Leveraging a Vital Windows Tool to Sideload Into Your PC

Malicious activity has been seen with cybercriminals exploiting a Windows software called WerFault.exe, which is typically used for problem reporting, to malware sideload onto vulnerable Windows computers. The malicious activity involves using WerFault.exe to download and install malicious software onto the computer, in order to gain access to the system and steal data or spread … Read more

Beware! New Linux Malware Targeting WordPress Sites Detected

A new form of malicious software has been detected disproportionately affecting WordPress sites with vulnerable add-ons installed. This variant of malware permits persons with bad intentions to redirect any visitor to a website of their preference merely by clicking any area of the page. Researchers from Dr.Web have uncovered a Trojan, dubbed Linux.BackDoor.WordPressExploit.1, which is … Read more

What is Spear Phishing? –

What is Spear Phishing Attack? Spear phishing is a phishing technique targeted toward a specific individual, organization, or business and is usually tailored to contain context relevant to the target. Social engineering is the fundamental tool that bad actors use to carry out a successful attack. This includes – Offers that are too good to … Read more

Cyber Security Basic Terms and Concepts | Everything you need to know about CyberSecurity

Cyber Security Basic Terms and Concepts Irrespective of your role in an organization, You must know the fundamental of cybersecurity terminology that are compiled for everyone from the security professional to the general end-user.  Here, you’ll find definitions of terms commonly used in the cybersecurity industry. Grab the opportunity to understand the cybersecurity domain and … Read more

New Malware in Town: MAZE RANSOMWARE

What is Maze Ransomware? Maze Ransomware, also known as ChaCha Ransomware was discovered on May 29, 2019, wreaking havoc on businesses. Maze is part of a new ransomware strain that steals and encrypts data and then demands a ransom. The attackers threaten to release the information on the internet unless the ransom is paid. Unfortunately, … Read more