Microsoft Edge ‘Phoenix’ Could Be Your New Best Friend – Ditch Chrome and See the Benefits

I’m one of the 2.65 billion people who use Google Chrome as their primary browser, but recently I’ve been taking the time to give Microsoft Edge its due – and rightly so! Its a solid browser that’s easy to work on – and now with the new codename “Phoenix” version, it’s been given a whole … Read more

Experience Soccer in The Metaverse! MetaSoccer Is The First Virtual World for Soccer Game

So far, Soccer has been an enjoyable experience to play with friends, team, family, and even alone, in the physical world. But what can we do to make it even more fun? As everything is transitioning to the MetaVerse, Blockchain, and Crypto, we are able to explore exciting new possibilities. We can create our dream … Read more

Elon Musk Plan to bring video calls, voice chat, end-to-end encryption for Twitter 2.0 –

Elon Musk is in experimental mode with his new acquisition of Twitter which is a micro-blogging platform. In recent research and development, it has been revealed that Musk is planning to introduce end- to- end encryption to Twitter DMs. The update is going to be a part of the Twitter 2.0 that’s in the workshop … Read more