Elon Musk Plan to bring video calls, voice chat, end-to-end encryption for Twitter 2.0 – Technogsecurity.com

Elon Musk is in experimental mode with his new acquisition of Twitter which is a micro-blogging platform. In recent research and development, it has been revealed that Musk is planning to introduce end- to- end encryption to Twitter DMs. The update is going to be a part of the Twitter 2.0 that’s in the workshop as of now. 


Twitter 2.0 will have features like voice and video calling, making it a direct competitor with social media applications currently ruling the industry like Whatsapp.

Earlier, cases of mismanagement on Twitter in regard to private exchanges have made captions. At times private chats got leaked online, while others were accessible to third parties. The Tesla CEO has been regularly posting about everything that’s going to be considered for change on the platform. Not only this, there have already been various changes on the platform, like the verification badge and other stuff.

The Twitter DMs have also been prior changed before, but now it seems like the Twitter CEO has taken motivation from an application like Signal that offers complete end- to- end encryption. Speculations are that the creator of Signal will also help out in updating the DM section of Twitter.

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