Tips To Identify Phishing E-mails and Fake Websites in 2022

How To Identify Phishing E-mails and Fake Websites The ability to identify fake email addresses and URLs gives end-users the power to be vigilant against cybersecurity threats. Users need to ask, where’s this email coming from? Does the domain make sense? Is it consistent with the company’s domain?  Here are a few ways to figure out … Read more

Cyber Security Basic Terms and Concepts | Everything you need to know about CyberSecurity

Cyber Security Basic Terms and Concepts Irrespective of your role in an organization, You must know the fundamental of cybersecurity terminology that are compiled for everyone from the security professional to the general end-user.  Here, you’ll find definitions of terms commonly used in the cybersecurity industry. Grab the opportunity to understand the cybersecurity domain and … Read more

What You Know About What Is A Whaling Attack? And What You Don’t Know About What Is A Whaling Attack ?

Do you know the difference between Phishing and Whaling attack? If not, then this guide is for you. Let’s quickly learn the difference. What is a Whaling Attack? A whaling attack, also known as whaling phishing or a whaling phishing attack, is a specific type of a phishing attack. It directly targets seniors or other … Read more

What is Social Engineering Attacks

What is Social Engineering Attacks? Social engineering attacks is the term utilized for a wide scope of noxious exercises achieved by fooling users for gaining their confidential information. Social Engineering Vectors Phishing – Phishing is a method of falsely getting private data. In most of the cases, the phisher sends an email that seems to … Read more

New Malware in Town: MAZE RANSOMWARE

What is Maze Ransomware? Maze Ransomware, also known as ChaCha Ransomware was discovered on May 29, 2019, wreaking havoc on businesses. Maze is part of a new ransomware strain that steals and encrypts data and then demands a ransom. The attackers threaten to release the information on the internet unless the ransom is paid. Unfortunately, … Read more

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) : Everything you need to know to be compliant

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)  let’s have a look at the key points to better understand the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Over the past couple of years, you may have heard about GDPR, the European Union’s General Data, and Protection Regulation, but do you know what CCPA is?  It stands for the California Consumer Privacy Act … Read more