How to Earn Microsoft Certifications For Free 2023

Is Microsoft certification in your mind? and you are looking for some discount vouchers for the same. Let us to clarify, you have arrived at the correct place. We’ll tell you how you can  Earn Microsoft Azure Certifications For Free 2023. Yes you heard it right, it is possible to get Microsoft certified without spending a penny.

We’d encourage all the freshers out there looking for gaining knowledge on Microsoft platform to read this ultimate guide and leverage Microsoft certifications for free in 2023.

How to Earn Microsoft Certifications For Free 2023
How to Earn Microsoft Certifications For Free 2023

How to Earn Microsoft Certifications For Free 2023

In order to get the Microsoft Azure Certifications exam vouchers for free you have to attend their virtual training which happens for a day or two. Post successfully completion of the virtual training you will receive the “Training Day” voucher in your Microsoft learning account
Usually the exam vouchers get credited to the account within 5 to 6 days from the date of completion of the virtual training. once you have the voucher, you may schedule the exam at your convenient day and time.
We’ll tell you the step by step procedure right from the training registration to scheduling the exam. Please follow the below steps carefully.

Appear for Microsoft Training Days

Microsoft conducts periodic virtual trainings for the period of a day or two. Also known as “Microsoft Training Days” You just need to attend these trainings successfully and you will be eligible for a free exam coupon which will automatically get added to your Microsoft account.
The Microsoft Training Days incudes trainings from various domains like Azure, Business Applications etc. Follow the full list below with relevant details.

Microsoft Training Days Training Includes –

  • Azure
  • Business Applications | Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • Microsoft 365
  • Security
You can book your training by yourself by going to Microsoft Training Days official website based on the availability.

Lets understand about these trainings real quick


Learn how Microsoft Azure’s cloud service solutions can help your business stay up and running while overcoming challenges big and small. Training available for every skill level.

Business Applications | Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Learn how to drive innovation, support development, and rapidly respond to today’s evolving business challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft 365

Learn how to harness Microsoft 365’s capabilities to enable remote collaboration and build integrations and workflows that improve productivity across the organization.


Learn how to take control of the organization’s digital security needs with defenses built for the modern workforce. Learn to enable employees to work securely and achieve more from anywhere.

How to schedule Microsoft Training Days training

We will help you with understanding how you can schedule Microsoft Training Days training on your own with step by step process guide by
For understanding purpose, we’ll take one training as example to schedule because all other trainings have the same procedure.

Here’s what you can expect from security training on Protect Data and Manage Risk

How to Earn Microsoft Certifications For Free 2023
Image Source : Microsoft

Let’s schedule Microsoft training for “Protect Data and Manage Risk” training from Microsoft Security Virtual Training Days.

Step 1 – Go to Microsoft Virtual Training Days official website
Step 2 – Go to Security section
Step 3 – Look for relevant training under “Upcoming Online Sessions”, Protect Data and Manage Risk in this case.
Step 4 – Click on the training day & time (select the one which suits you best)
Step 5 – Registration form will come up, fill out your details and submit!!!
How to Earn Microsoft Certifications For Free 2023
Image Source : Microsoft
Post submission you will receive a confirmation email from Microsoft on your provided email address. See sample below.
How to Earn Microsoft Certifications For Free 2023
Image Source : Microsoft

What to expect next?

Wait for the training day to come and sincerely attend the Microsoft virtual day training and make the most out of it.
In next post, we will explain how you can schedule your certification exam for free from the Microsoft Training Day voucher you have received from the Training you had attended.

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